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    Soft, plush flatbread 'stone baked' to delicious perfection.

  • Rotis

    Thinly rolled flatbreads made from premium wheat flour.

  • Tea Rusk

    Scrumptious, ‘double-baked’ crispy treats.

  • cake rusk

    Delicately sweet with pleasure in every bite.

  • cookies

    A delectable range of mouth-watering creations.

  • cakes

    Exceptionally light and moist, with the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients.

  • puff pastry

    Crackling, brittle top with layers of crisp perfection within.

  • namak para

    Anytime, go-anywhere snacks with delicate seasoning.

  • Naan crisp

    Low-fat snack, baked not fried

    Most Popular Creations

    Naan Bitez
    Punjabi Cookies
    Pound Cake
    Mini Naan
    Butter Cookies
    Mini Loaf
    Savoury Snacks
    Puri & Paratha
    Shortbread Cookies
    Cake Rusk
    Fruit Cake
    Baguette Crisps

    Made For You

    With Love

    We employ cutting edge technology to deliver high quality products.  However what truly sets us apart is our passion for baked delicacies.  We take pride in what we do, continously striving to evolve new ideas into amazing delectable edibles.  

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