President’s Message

“First – I am greatly humbled by the love & trust of all those who have made ‘Crispy’ a part of their daily lives around the world. Thank you! Your confidence in our brand motivates us to strive for excellence every moment of every day.

Second – I am honored to have been supported by a like-minded set of friends and associates with whom I share my work space every day. They are the solid foundation on which TWI has grown and stands on today. Words cannot state my appreciation for their individual commitment and contribution to the development of our company. Thank you!

And third – a message for all Crispy lovers. Thank you for your loyalty! Due to that, TWI has seen tremendous popularity and development in the past years, and is still constantly growing. However there’s still a lot more to be done. We are constantly driven to provide more while still adhering to that first promise of quality and customer satisfaction. This promise is the backbone of each product that is introduced, which leads us to adhere to the highest global quality standards, and use only the best ingredients and recipes. The job of product innovation is still ongoing at Crispy. Please be assured that my quest to ‘make a perfect bake’ has only just begun. You will be seeing a lot more from us in the coming months. I thank you once again – for bringing Crispy home”.

Ali Kizilbash
President, TWI Foods Inc.